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Au revoir Audrey!

Sempre acontece! Chegam trainees ou CEEDers (intercâmbio entre escritórios da @) e depois de nos conquistarmos, é chegada a hora de se despedir! Quanto mais tempo de AIESEC, mais diferentes pessoas de outras nacionalidades conhecemos e criamos uma grande afeição por elas!

Com a nossa querida '
petit' Audrey não foi diferente! Numa estada de aproximadamente um mês e meio ela conheceu bastante sobre a @ Vitória e principalmente sobre a área de Talent Management. Ela está indo embora hoje para São Paulo onde vai conhecer mais um lugar de nosso grande país e depois ir para o You Can (Conferência da AIESEC) aqui no Brasil. Fiz uma petit entrevista com ela, aproveitem!

Tell us a brief story about you and AIESEC.
My name is Audrey Yzerd, I am 19 (20 in september), I have been member of @ since september 2007 in @Paris - LC INT. I was first working in a P-Box dealing with Ethical Finance, but the VPTM then left the organisation after one month so I started to get involved in TM because I thought it was something very important and new for me also. As I was the only one interested by this job I learned many things and get responsible for all TM stuff in my first year of @, even if I was not officially VPTM... I had a lot of ideas to implement in my LC, so I applied for VPTM, and since July the first, I AM VPTM!

T.: Why you decided to come to Brazil?
I felt the importance of @ during my first international conference (in Germany) where I realised how huge the @ network was all over the world. So I decided to take the oportunity of a CEED this year. Why Brazil? Because I wanted a challenge, a real challenge, so an other continent and an other language was what I was willing to live as a life changing experience...

T.: What was your job here and what you have learned?
In @ Vitória, I was CEEDer in Talent Management. I was in charge of many things (HR Plan, Trainings, Trackimg, CEED, Feedback) and I learned a lot about them, and about the general way of working of @VT... lots of ideas to bring back for sure!

T.: How was your experience in @ Vitória?
A.: Really awesome! As about my job, as about the people. I made really good friends, that I really hope to see again in Europe or in Brazil... I am quite sad to leave this beautiful city...

T.: Tell us your experience about culture shock.
I really learned many things about myself, because I didn't think I will be able to be enough independent here, and in fact I managed to be, quite well. I had time to think about my priorities in life and what is important to me and I do not really do effectively... It was quite hard to deal with that, but now I know how I want to do things, according to my own values... The cultural shock was not so huge, Brazilian people are just very welcoming and I think I am going to miss that...

T.: You have met some cities in Espírito Santo. How was that?
A.: Awesome too! Domingos Martins was so beautiful! Like in dreams... And what about Itaúnas? I don't have words to describe... I will take forró classes coming back to Paris!

T.: You are leaving Brazil soon, you already have plans for now on?
A.: I have many ones, because of this time I had here to wonder about my life and my priorities. I am going to spend some great times with my boyfriend, with my family also once in France. I will go to Portugal in a few months to visit a great friend I met here ;) And I want to travel more and more... but these times with my boyfriend I hope! I will probably come back to Brasil one day, hoping to see again all the amazing personnalities I met here...

Apresentação Cultural na Aliança Francesa


Última reunião na @ Vitória

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